Since 2008, the John Burroughs High School Dramatic Association has made incredible strides in expanding its theatre program and won numerous awards. The number of classes has more than doubled, student enrollment is at an all time high, and the audience turnout at shows continues to grow.

     Under the direction of Mr. Guy Myers, JBHS Drama produces three mainstage productions a year, two scene showcases in its classroom blackbox theatre, and competes in many drama festivals and competitions. This year, our production of “The Laramie Project" won Best Play and Best Ensemble at the 2018 California Educational Theatre Association’s High School Theatre Festival as well as the awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Film. Previously they won Best Play and Best Ensemble awards in 2015 for “Flowers for Algernon” and in 2012 for “The Crucible.”

     Mr. Myers was recently awarded the Educator Award for 2018 from the Burbank Arts For All Foundation for his dedication to the performing arts and the passion and creativity he inspires in his students, and in 2019 he was named Teacher of the Year for the Burbank Unified School District.

"Peter and the Starcatcher," November 2016
"Peter and the Starcatcher," November 2016

Current Course Offerings

"Pippin," February 2017

Drama 1

This course offers students an introduction to the basics of theatre, including theatre history and the fundamentals of acting, characterization, and improvisation. Students read and analyze a diverse collection of plays, developing their artistic perception and aesthetic sense as they approach the text from the perspective of actors, designers, and directors. Great emphasis is placed on participation during classroom exercises and scene study and performance.

"To Kill a Mockingbird," May 2017

Musical Theatre

This course offers students an introduction to the roots of the American musical while exploring its historical and cultural significance through to present day.  Students study the fundamentals of musical performance technique through vocal and physical warm-ups and exercises as they explore and develop characterization through song, dance, acting, improvisation, and scene study.  Students read and listen to a diverse collection of musicals, developing their artistic perception and aesthetic sense.  Great emphasis is placed on participation during classroom exercises, scene study, and performance.

"Legally Blonde The Musical," February 2015

Play Production

This course offers students a full-fledged production experience from the first table read to opening night.  Students read and analyze the current play in production and are required to work on the play in multiple capacities including acting, stage management, set design and creation, costume design and creation, lighting design and creation, props design and creation, house management, publicity, and more.  Every student must develop the skills and knowledge necessary to participate successfully within the artistic framework and the social framework of the theatrical ensemble. Every student must strive for excellence and take pride not only in his individual work, but also in the cooperative production of the ensemble.  An audition/interview is required for admittance into Play Production.Say something interesting about your business here.

"Inherit the Wind," November 2015

Drama 2

Drama II is an intermediate level theatre course designed for students who wish to pursue in-depth development of their acting skills. The class goes beyond the needs of the general student and requires admittance approval from the instructor through an interview and/or audition. The two semester course covers various aspects of the art of acting, including how to use improvisational techniques to make a scripted performance more effective, how to analyze a script for performance, methods for building a character, how to adapt a performance to the conventions of various performance media, and how to develop the voice and body to be a more effective actor.