The John Burroughs High School Dramatic Association is dedicated to creating a collaborative learning environment with high quality education in the performing arts. Our aim is to  elicit  creative  self-expression, critical thinking, and artistry through our theatre course offerings and mainstage productions as students grow as performers, directors, designers, and stage technicians.  We are also committed to producing shows that will continue to delight, entertain, and educate audiences.

Learning Goals

"Hairspray," February 2016

Students will meet or exceed the following California Standards for high school theatre education.

  1. Develop and improve artistic perception through processing, analyzing and responding to sensory information through the language and skills unique to theatre.
  2. Develop creative expression through performing and participating in theatre.
  3. Develop a basic level of understanding about the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of theatre.
  4. Develop a more critical aesthetic sense by responding to, analyzing, and critiquing theatrical experiences.
  5. Develop an understanding of how what is learned in theatre connects and applies to other art forms and subject areas as well as careers and other life experiences.

The above learning goals align with the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results of John Burroughs High School involving academic achievement, critical thinking, effectively communicating, and lifelong learning. JBHS Drama also presents a unique opportunity for students to become responsible citizens. In order to have a satisfying and successful theatrical performance, every student in the ensemble must actively participate. Every student must practice respect of himself, the other members of the ensemble, and the performance environment. Every student must meet his commitment to himself and the other performers. Every student must develop the skills and knowledge necessary to participate successfully within the artistic framework and the social framework of the theatrical ensemble. Every student must strive for excellence and take pride not only in his individual work, but also in the cooperative production of the ensemble.

"George Washington Slept Here," May 2016
"George Washington Slept Here," May 2016