2015-16 SEASON


The brilliant writers of classic comedy, Kaufman and Hart, are at it again with this heart warming and hilarious story of the trials and tribulations of Newton Fuller who craves—and gets—"a little place in the country to call his own." The story begins when Newton and his wife, Annabelle, and their daughter, Madge, are charmed into buying one of those cute homes in the countryside where they are sure to get some peace and quiet. But owning a new home brings on new problems from the expected to the ridiculous. The roof leaks but they have no water.  They can't get to their own home because the obnoxious neighbors own the very road that leads to their doorstep. The undisturbed peace they were seeking is interrupted by an invasion of weekend guests and a couple of very high maintenance relatives. Add in a pair of summer theatre actors bringing their own personal drama, a bratty nephew getting in the way, an onslaught of the seventeen year locusts, and a possible bank foreclosure, and audiences are sure to enjoy watching Newton and his family try to save their dream home!