2010-11 SEASON


This fast-paced, exciting mystery thriller takes place during the rehearsals of a new play, as the director, writer, and cast members arrive to begin the first read-through.  But when Hazel Laverne, the leading actress, sets foot in the theatre, it soon becomes apparent that she is detested by everyone involved, and when she winds up dead, it is anybody’s guess who could have committed the murder.  Mitzi, the plucky young niece of the theatre owner, embarks on a mission to solve the crime along with the local Sheriff, and the two of them concoct an ingenious trap for the murderer, placing Mitzi’s life in jeopardy.  Audiences will enjoy trying to figure out who the murderer is before all is revealed, and the edge of your seat tension and multiple surprises will keep all ages thrilled from curtain to curtain!