2010-11 SEASON


This charming romantic comedy is set at the run down lakeside cabins at Paradise Glen, where Wally, an ad exec, stops in to use the phone.  Instantly smitten by the owner’s daughter, he begins a campaign to put the place back on its feet by advertising romance in a big way to hilarious results.  His plan proves disastrous, as before long, the cabins are full of women showing up to meet the men of their dreams and get married, but there are no men anywhere in sight.  Adding to the madcap fun are a sailor with too many girls, a hired man who isn’t really a hired man, a jealous, hot-tempered fiancée, a scatter-brained mother, hobos in need of a handout, and two librarians who take up Hula dancing! The farcical confusion works itself out cleverly, providing a romantic ending sure to please all audiences.