2018-19 SEASON


This Tony Award winning Broadway classic is the story of two young lovers caught between prejudice and warring street gangs in the musical retelling of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Transported to modern-day New York City, the doomed love affair of Tony and Maria is fated for tragedy amidst the vicious rivalry of two street gangs, The Jets and The Sharks. From the first notes of this classic score to the final breath of the climactic end, “West Side Story” is one of the most memorable musicals of all time and remains as powerful, poignant, and timely as ever.  The score is regarded as one of the best ever written with classic songs such as “Tonight,” “Maria,” “America,” and “Somewhere.” You won’t want to miss this exhilarating and breathtaking production, one of the most innovative, heart-wrenching and relevant musical dramas of all time.